Yes, I said it, ‘Somalis have a colourism problem’ NTV reporter Rukia Bulle

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25-year-old NTV Reporter Rukia Bulle has been gaining traction on TikTok with her ‘Being a Journalist’ Vlog. Her following on the platform currently stands at 30K plus

Rukia is bold, outgoing, loves to laugh, is a sucker for art, horror movies, indie alternative music and good food.

At first, I wanted to be a lawyer. I think that stems from my passion for justice and equality. For some reason, law didn’t work out and I thought journalism was sort of close. I want to hold people in power accountable, amplify others’ voices and make a difference in society.

When I called out my Somali community over their obsession with skin bleaching, I expected the backlash. It’s 2023 and it’s sad that Somalis are still suffering from colourism and using harmful products on their skin.

Many said I was shaming the community and that I needed to say it in our native language. I am past the point of wanting to be liked by everyone.

I think a lot of things should be outdated in my community, one of them is the patriarchal culture. The ‘ceeb’ shame culture and colourism. A girl could easily be raped by a member of the family but it will be covered up.

Still, I love being Somali despite the fact that my stubbornness stems from the fact that I’m Somali. I’m most proud of their hard-working zeal, street-smart and business minds.

When the late CS George Magoha profiled me as a possible member of the terrorist group Al Shabab attracting nationwide uproar, it was a trying moment for me. The incident really took its course but he did apologise.

I’m a very private person, I’ve learned to share things when I’m comfortable and just not because the world expects me.

Comments that melt my heart are when someone says that they look up to me and admire what I do. I think that’s so kind.

Have you heard of ‘Lucky girl syndrome’? It’s this viral trend on Tiktok where you have this mindset that things will work in your favour. It’s a healthy mindset to have.

The newest thing I tried recently was duck meat. Uhh!  Let’s just say I won’t be having it again.

Want to hear my Ogopa Nairobi story? There was this one time I was on a date and this guy went on about how he’d buy me any car, house, get me this and that only if I agreed to be his second wife. At that moment he confessed to having a girlfriend. Weeh! Ogopa Kanairo.

The last time I paid a man’s bill was sometime in September. I took a friend out for dinner, picked out the restaurant and paid the bill.

My top love language is words of affirmation. The ones that aren’t that obvious, whether it is to do with my physical appearance or my personality. For example, if someone notices I have a scar on my left eyebrow and they pick it up and compliment me on that or if they notice my passion for the truth and compliment me on it. Attentiveness is a beautiful thing

Between my best friend Ramla and I, I’m the cheeky one. We are so similar in many ways but I think I’m a bit cheekier. I’m always down for a bad idea that’ll make good/funny memories, she’ll take a moment to think about and weigh all the options.
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