ENDF, Madobe discuss Al-Shabaab threat on Ethiopia-Somalia border

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ubaland President Ahmed Madobe is in talks with the Ethiopia National Defense Forces [ENDF] over security threats along with Ethiopia and Somalia’s common border, which are triggered by Al-Shabaab militants.

The state of Somalia in Ethiopia shares a border with the federal republic of Somalia. However, despite the common border, the Al-Shabaab activities have not been witnessed in Ethiopia compared to Kenya.

Saturday’s meeting between Ethiopia and Somalia was attended by Madobe, a former Ras Kamboni commander, ENDF Sector 3 and Sector 6 Commanders, and Commander of the 5th Motorized Battalion, as well as Head of Jubaland Security and Intelligence unit.

In a statement, ENDF said Madobe, a gallant soldier who has fought Al-Shabaab, said both Somalia and Ethiopia share common culture and language which should be a unifying figure instead of dividing the country.

“Al-Shabaab is working day and night to undermine this unity and brotherhood. Therefore, we must work together by controlling areas up to Dolo,” the statement quoted Madobe as saying.

Brigadier General Zewdu Setarge, the ENDF Sector III commander in AMISOM, there are ongoing conflicts in Somalia, including terrorism, ethnic clashes, and disagreements between federal and regional governments.

“We are ready to work together to ensure peace and security in the country,” ENDF quoted him as saying, adding that the joint works focus “particularly by neutralizing those who are working to destabilize the Gedo zone.”

ENDF’s Section VI Commander Brigadier General Ababaw Seid, for his part, said that in order to thwart Al-Shabab’s plot, it was necessary to work closely with the government, the security forces, and the people of Somalia.

Similarly, ENDF quoted Colonel Assefa Mekonnen, commander-in-chief of the 5th Motorized Battalion, as saying that the Al-Shabab group thinks to take control of Jubbaland and western Somalia.

By understanding its plots it’s important to reach a common understanding of the threat and to break the backbone of the terror group, ENDF’s statement said. The statement didn’t say where the meeting took place. Ethiopia has close to 4,500 soldiers in AMISOM.

However, in the past, Somalia through Jubaland has often claimed there are over 1000 non-AMISOM troops in Somalia, contrary to the code of conduct and operations. Ethiopia has been consistent in the fight against Al-Shabaab.