Three Somali soldiers killed in south Somalia terror attack

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Shabaab took credit for the attack but claimed they had killed twenty. The attack Somali forces have been active in the area recently and have had US military support and increasing numbers of US airstrikes. Somali officials claim they attempted to stop the suicide car bomber but were unable to do so.

The attack hit the outskirts of the base near KismayoThe US African Command did not identify the wounded soldier or describe what he was doing but did say that he was in stable condition. The officials also noted that the forces were conducting “advise, assist, and accompany missions’ at the time of the attack. Jubbaland’s director of communications, Mohamed Sabriye told Reuters:”Two soldiers of Danab [special] forces died and two others were wounded.

A US officer was seriously wounded.” He added that one of the wounded soldiers later died. Ismail Mukhtar Oronjo, a Somali government spokesman, told Anadolu news agency it was a suicide car bomb that exploded outside the special forces base. “A car bomb blast targeted a military base in Janay Abdalla earlier on Monday.” Disagreements about casualty numbersDifferent parties often report varying casualty numbers. Shabaab often reports higher casualty numbers than the government or the US. But Somalia’s government also often reports higher death tolls than were likely.

During the present attack Shabaab reports that it also destroyed three US armored vehicles through mortar fire. The US confirmed that there were mortar strikes but did not make it clear that there were some hits on vehicles. The appended video may be of another attack but around the same time.