The Security Council has come together to recognize and support Somalia’s political progress

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Statement by Ambassador James Kariuki at the Security Council briefing on Somalia

Thank you President.

I want to thank Council members for their support today in adopting this resolution. It complements the work of UNSOM and ATMIS in supporting Somalia and in degrading Al-Shabaab. It was a complicated negotiation, and I thank members for their constructive approach and flexibility throughout.

Despite different perspectives and emphasis, in concluding this resolution the overall direction of travel is clear: In an exceptionally difficult security and humanitarian environment, there has been political progress in Somalia. And this Council has come together to recognize this and support Somalia’s efforts.

The recent technical assessment highlighted the progress Somalia has made in improving weapons and ammunition management. The United Kingdom commends Somalia for this, and remains committed to working with Somalia and its partners to support continued progress.

The benchmarks identified following the technical assessment give Somalia and its partners a clear roadmap. A roadmap that will help this Council make further changes to the weapons and ammunition measures in the future. The steps made today will simplify processes for Somalia and its partners, and help speed up this journey.

President, finally, in addition to supporting Somalia – this resolution tightens the knot on Al-Shabaab. By changing the Committees name, the Council sends a clear message – its target is Al-Shabaab. The UK will continue to work closely with Somalia and the region in support of the fight against Al-Shabaab and we look forward to further discussions through the 751 Committee.

Thank you.