The killer-in-chief should be forced to resign before it’s too late

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Some Ethiopians, especially supporters of Abiy Ahmed, are furiously reacting to my recent post in which I suggested the Biden administration should tell the prime minister to resign. But I repeat it, the killer-in-chief should resign!

Abiy Ahmed’s supporters argue that foreign countries “should not interfere” in the internal affairs of a “sovereign” country. The talk about “sovereignty” looks good if taken at face value. There is a catch, though: Is the international community not regretting the Rwandan Genocide? Do we have a different name for what’s happening now in Ethiopia? The answer is absolutely no!

Abiy Ahmed is a killer-in-chief. Before the massacre in Tigray, there was a carnage in Oromia. Security forces killed thousands and arrested unknown number of people. They displaced millions and left them without food and shelter.

Abiy Ahmed’s disdain towards the justice system has no limit. He not only arrests people for expressing dissenting views, he refuses to release them when the court says they are free.

Unlike other dictators in the world, Abiy Ahmed betrayed his own constituency. Instead of working to address people’s demand for change, he formed alliance with the anti-change Amhara elites. This alliance led to the crises in Tigray.

I said it before and I will said it again: Abiy Ahmed should be forced to resign. Any help from the international community in this regard should be welcomed with open arms!