Tell me a single memorable project or achievement by Pres. Farmajo & PM Kheyre administration?

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Tell me a single memorable project or achievement by Pres. Farmajo & PM Kheyre administration?

That was a question by a well-known and deeply informed retired employee of the Federal Government of Somalia, to answer my curiosity question with a question of his own.
He said that in terms of peace, the fighting with Al-Shabab is still raging around Villa Somalia, Maka Al-mukarama Street and Aden Abdulle International Airport. Al-Shabab has become a parallel government, generating more revenue than the FGS, and controlling swathes of the land. The Constitutional arrangement is still in deadlock. The Federal system has been undermined with some FMS existing by name now – FGS has defied a commonly followed principle “Do no harm” in an already bad situation.

While all this is happening, foreign powers are engaged in subversive activities to unravel any modest gains since 2004 when the 2nd Somali Republic was created.

Paradoxically, yesterday’s clan militia of  Union of Islamic Courts and Al-Shabab in Mogadishu localities are being recruited by FGS in cooperation with invested foreign powers into a national army, police force and security services, a recipe for disaster and preparation for renewed clan hostilities of yesteryears. This is now the root cause of Mogadishu epidemic insecurity and constant bomb-blasts. One couldn’t know for sure who is doing what in the security sector; Is it Al-Shabab or FGS security forces, or perhaps the combination of both of them doing this terror war in coordinated operations – a security dillemma that Farmaajo-Khayre Group couldn’t be trusted to resolve any time soon, or never.

It is never too late, though. They have to go first in order to try to rectify the worsening Somalia’s bad state of affairs.

This may seem a pessimistic view of the Farmaajo-Khayre performance in more than three years of their mandate, but if you have anything contrary to this assessment, you better share with us.

By: Ismail Warsame: Is a blogger and political analyst uniquely devoted to comments, news and analysis on current Somali affairs

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