Somalia’s Covid-19 cases rise to 582 as 54 test positive

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Somalia’s Health minister announced on Wednesday evening that the country’s number of coronavirus cases had risen to 582.

In a press briefing, Dr Fawzia Abikar Nur said that over the past 24 hours, the central laboratory in Mogadishu had recorded 54 positive cases, 40 of the patients being male and 14 female.

“We have no new deaths as a result of Covid-19. Thus, our past record of 28 deaths stands,” she said, adding that two patients recovered.

“I urge you to adhere to orders and advice given by State institutions,” the minister also said, noting that it was possible to contain the spread of the virus.

The federal government has provided facilities to help infected people in Mogadishu and delivered equipment and other supplies to some member states with a promise for the same for the rest.

Meanwhile, a minister in Jubbaland State announced on Thursday that he had contracted the virus.

Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation Mahdi Mohydin Mohamed said he registered the symptoms on April 21 and had been self-isolating.

He said he received the positive test results on Wednesday.

“I have been talking to people through the window of my room, even keeping away from family members,” he said and urged the people not to undermine the “damaging powers” of Covid-19.

On April 12, Mr Khalif Mumin Tohow, the State Minister For justice of Hirshabelle, succumbed to the virus in Mogadishu