Somalia Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Extension, Redesignation

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced the extension and redesignation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Somalia for 18 months from March 18, 2023, to September 17, 2024.

The extension will allow approximately 430 Somali nationals who are already in TPS to extend their status and renew their employment authorization documents (EADs). It is estimated that some 2,200 Somali nationals who are not already in TPS will be able to make initial applications for TPS under the redesignation, assuming they meet all eligibility requirements and entered the United States on or before January 11, 2023.

TPS for Somalia is being extended and redesignated due to the “[l]ong-standing conflict [in Somalia], along with natural disasters and disease outbreaks, [that have] worsened an already severe humanitarian crisis.” Terrorism, violent crime, civil unrest, and fighting among militia clans also make it virtually impossible for individuals to return.

DHS will publish instructions on how to re-register or file initial registrations in the Federal Register. Until that time, individuals should not file any applications.