Somalia Telecommunication Companies United in calling for the protection of National Interest

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Thursday, November 29th, 2018 – The Association of Somali Telecommunication Companies (USIS) held its monthly meeting to discuss a number of issues, including the current state of Telecommunication & Technology in the country. At the end of the meeting, the Association issued the following statement:

All members of the Association expressed concerns over the continued lack of co-operation between the Ministry of Post, Telecommunication & Technology (MPTT) and Telecommunication companies due to the Minister’s secretly hand-picking of the Board of Directors of the National Communications Agency (NCA) in a clear and belligerent violation of the law.

The Association informs the Somali Federal Government, the House of the Parliament, and all civil societies who are concerned in protecting the interests of the country that it will not participate in the so-called meeting of “Consultative Conference to establish NCA governance”. This meeting is an attempt by the Ministry to willfully legitimize the Board of Directors of NCA, which was illegally formed.

The Association cautions against the consequences of abuses in the name of the NCA, such as the formation of governing committees, establishing of tariffs, issuing telecommunication licenses and misguided strategies in safeguarding national assets.

The Association once again calls for the appointment of members of the NCA in accordance with the Communications Act articles 10 and 34.

The Association reaffirms its commitment to the rule of law and offers utmost support to the Somali Federal Government & the Somali people in protecting the national interest. We seek to prevent any misunderstanding of the law and immediately correct any mistakes to ensure the inclusiveness of the NCA’s Board of Directors.