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Tirinta maalmaha uga harsan xafiiska Madaxweynaha Maxamed Farmaajo.
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According to the reports confirmed by security officials of the Puntland State of Somalia and the office of President Sacid Deni, the Puntland government seized 30 military-style ammunition and ambulance vehicles that he had purchased. Hassan Ali Kheyre.

The vehicles were seized at the port of Bossaso and were taken to the Galmudug area and surrounding areas. The vehicle, which was to be loaded with anti-aircraft guns and grenades, was purchased from Hassan Ali Kheyre overseas.

The vehicles were contracted and bought by Murusade community traders, especially Ganesade Abdi Ali, Abdikarim Gaanbe and Ismail Goni.

The vehicle is currently being operated by the Puntland State Government and notified all relevant authorities. Many people believe that when a couple goes to local families, particularly in Central installed various weapons and then back to the political crisis to attack Puntland Puntland looga score.

Meanwhile, traders who bought the vehicles said some of the vehicles were paid for by SomaOil, which was contracted for oil exploration operations in the Galmudug area.

Hassan Kheyre believes that he is going to take control of the entire Galmudug area to ensure there is no future in Galmudug, as he is interested in oil wells in the high seas around Galmudug.

Despite the massive importation of vehicles and weapons into the Galmudug areas, it is based on a Farmer and Kheyre plan to seize control of the country, and use it to create political and security instability, such as Puntland. .

The Puntland government has been advised not to release the vehicles and wait for the new government to take office early next year. Puntland looga warned of the problem of insecurity in the release will be accompanied aqabka area.