Somalia power struggle: “The president will likely be forced to leave in the coming days”

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Amid political turmoil in Somalia, France 24 is joined by Matthew Bryden, Head of Sahan Research Think Tank. Mr. Bryden takes us to the origins of the current crisis, which began back in April, when President Mohamed tried to extend his term by two years. Violent clashes ensued, but a political agreement was eventually reached, explains Mr. Bryden.

Prime Minister Roble took charge of “organizing the parliamentary elections,” but he says the PM was undercut by the president and his loyalists. Mr. Bryden describes “widespread, and very credible, allegations of rigging,” and now the PM is demanding the “isolated” president “step aside, ideally leave the country, and give the PM a free hand to finish the elections properly.”u Iclaamiyey R/wasaare Rooble.