Somalia: Owner of Hotel Attacked By Shabaab Won’t Be Deterred From Investing

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The owner of the recently attacked Elite hotel says the hotel created job opportunities for hundreds of youths and he is committed to investing in Somalia after the deadly attack on Sunday.

Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, the hotel owner a lawmaker and ex-finance minister said investing in Somalia was the right thing and he is still ready to invest in the country.

“I have invested millions in my country in the last couple of years and I have created hundreds of jobs and believe it was the right thing to do I’m not giving up due to such heinous terrorist attacks and I’m committed to investing in the coming years,” said Abdullahi the hotel owner.

Mr Abdullahi was among over 200 people rescued after Alshabab militants detonated a suicide car bomb outside the hotel as they stormed the high-end seaside hotel on Sunday killing at least 16 people and injuring more than 35 people.

A senior official from the ministry of information and another official from the defence ministry were among those killed in the hotel.

The security forces killed all the fighters after four hours of a gun battle.

Al-Shabab which is linked to AlQaeda has been waging a brutal insurgency in Somalia in more than a decade.