Somalia: Officials Visit Warshsheekh Somalia’s Popular Tour Destination

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Officials from the Banadir regional administration and other officials from the regional states have paid a visit to the popular destination in Somalia the coastal town of Warsheekh tombs of Sufi clerics and saints buried there.

Upon arrival, they were welcomed by Warsheekh governor Hassan Golof as they visited historical sites and beaches that have lately seen visitors pour into the Hirshabelle town which is only an hour’s drive from the Somali capital Mogadishu.

“We are happy that you are here. as you can see the weather is beautiful, security is okay, the beaches amazing and we thank you for visiting the Sufi tombs and other Sufi historical sites” Hassan Golof governor of Warsheikh Radio Dalsan.

Warsheekh was before the civil war a popular destination for Sufi adherents who visited tombs of Sufi clerics and saints buried in the town.

It was also a popular getaway for beach lovers away from the mostly crowded Mogadishu beaches.

Recently the town which is only 90km north of Mogadishu has seen a boom of visitors.