Somalia: Minister of Finance reported misinformation to IMF for staff monitoring program (SMP)

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Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia Mr. Bayle has reported misinformation to the IMF regarding phase 3 of Staff Monitoring program (SMP).

One of the conditions of for IFI normalization is not to have arrears. However, the federal government of Somalia have failed to pay civil servants who were hired on competitive process for October, November and December of 2018, and this puts the government in arrears, and consequently this puts the government to fail the SMP phase 3. What is utterly wrong is that the Minister of finance has not reported this fact to the world bank and IMF.

The National Development plan which sets targets for peace-building, state-building and the Sustainable Development Goals structured around nine pillars across the humanitarian-development-peace continuum is also shelved by the office of the Prime Minister.

The NDP also mandates for mutual accountability and accelerated progress agreed by the international community and Somali Government in London in May 2017. Regrettably, the office of the Prime Minister has shelved the NDP and came up with totally unrealistic clusters known as Tubta, and according to reliable sources the World Bank and IMF are unhappy and the country partnership framework CPF is on the brink of collapse because the prime minister is following his instincts than following the needed initiatives of the IFI and International partners in supporting the NDP goals.

These issues will be some of the major issues to be brought to the attention of the Somali government during the Spring meeting in Washington DC. The finance Ministry has also failed to repay the world bank over $400,000 illegally paid to an advisor of Minister Bayle as officially requested by the World Bank.

Additionally the Capacity Injection Project for Somalia which, aims at strengthening the staffing and institutional capacity of selected line ministries and central agencies to perform core government functions is abysmal failure as currently only 12 advisors are working at the office of the Prime Minister.

The prime minister needs to align his priorities with the major pillars within the NDP. Sources have confirmed for MOL that the Ministry of Planning’s activities are not operational as PM is prioritizing his own Tubta project which duplicates some of the pillars of NDP