Somalia lauds deal by Sudan’s Military Council and civilian leaders

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Somali government has welcomed the deal reached between the opposition and military council in Sudan on a roadmap for a political future of the country.

The deal was reached in the early hours of Friday after two days of hard-won talks brokered by Ethiopian and African Union mediators.

The two sides have reportedly agreed to share power for three years, and then hold elections for a return to a fully civilian government.

The blueprint proposes that a general hold the presidency for the first 18 months of a three-year transition, with a civilian taking over for the rest.

News of the deal reportedly brought thousands of people onto the streets to celebrate and raised hopes that a peaceful transition of power can take place, following months of turmoil since December’s civilian revolt began.

During a press conference held in the Somali capital Mogadishu, the country’s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Issa Awad commended the deal which could end the months-long crisis.

“We welcome the agreement by signed Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and civilian leaders, it is progress achieved and the only way to end the crisis engulf the country in recent months,’ he said.

Somali has urged the international community to support the deal and help Sudan overcome challenges.

The minister wished success and long-lasting peace the country which offered scholarship thousands of Somali students.