Somalia: Farmajo appoints top court judges amid public concern

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Somalia’s president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Monday appointed 4 new judges to the Supreme Court as part of the executive’s ongoing judicial reform.

The new judges are Abukar Ahmed Ali (Qasaali), Hassan Abdinur Abdirahman, Abdulkadir Idiris Isse and Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud, according to a written statement released from the office of the president.

“The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia named new judges to the High Court following the recommendation from the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Baashe Yusuf Ahmed,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, Farmajo has urged the new judges to fully protect the rule of law and to serve all people equally, in a bid to win their hearts and minds.

This move by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia is based on the acceleration of the establishment of the Judicial Service Commission and addressing the concerns of the Somali citizens.

The Villa Somalia said the move is part of sweeping changes the Federal government has made to the judicial system since President Farmajo won power in early 2017 after an election held in Mogadishu.

But, many analysts have said that One of the major tasks that Farmajo should accomplish in his presidency is reforming Somalia’s pre-civil war judicial structure to be applicable to the Federal System.

Farmajo’s plan for judicial reform comes amid ‘huge public concern’ over extensive injustice and corruption allegations at the courts in Mogadishu due to the lawlessness in the Horn of Africa country.