Somalia: Al-Shabaab militants killed in explosion at bomb-making facility

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At least 61 Al-Shabab extremists were killed in a powerful explosion yesterday at a bomb-making facility in the south of Somalia, Voice of the Somali Republic radio has reported.

“A powerful explosion took place in the Al-Shabab-controlled town of Alfoto,” a senior security source told the radio station. “It was caused by a car bomb that was being prepared in a house used by Al-Shabaab to prepare explosives and booby-traps. The whole building was destroyed.”

According to reports, one of those killed was Ahmed Sharif (“Abu Bilal”), an Al-Shabab commander who holds Afghan nationality and supervises the preparation of car bombs. Yemeni national Khaled Kasi was also killed.

Somalia has been waging a war against Al-Shabaab extremists for years. The armed group was formed in early 2004 and is affiliated ideologically with Al-Qaeda. It has claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks that have claimed the lives of hundreds of people.