Somali spy agent arrested at JKIA while transiting bulk cash to Ethiopia

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(MOL), Security agencies at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) have tonight arrested a secretariat of Somalia Intelligence boss Abdullahi Kulane alias (Jiis Marihan) who is also among the senior most Nisa officials.

Sources confirmed to Mogadishu Online (MOL) that officials of JKIA and Kenya police seized an estimated amount of $1.7 Million which was en-routed to Ethiopia.

Kenyan intelligence officials have detained Mr. Abdullahi Kulane for questioning even as Kenyan-born Somali lawyer —who is also close relative and confidant of Somali President— Ahmed Adan also known as (Ahmed Dere ) visited the airport. Mr Dere is President farmajo’s Kenyan proxy in charge of his financial assets and investments in Kenya.

The sum which was transited to Ethiopia was reportedly meant to bribe Ethiopia security officials.

Among the many questions arising from tonight’s incident at JKIA is the reason as to why such huge amount of cash was carried in a briefcase and who could be the targeted individuals who were to receive the hefty bribe.

Somali intelligence Chief Fahad Yasin has frequently visited Ethiopia capital Addis Ababa in recent times and had secret meetings with top Ethiopia military intelligence, according to reliable sources.

This often meetings that were held in Ethiopia is associated with Somali government’s plan to convince and persuade Ethiopian govt deploy military to Dhusamareb and kismayo towns respectively in order to influence the outcome of upcoming elections in Jubaland and Galmudug states, MOL has learnt.

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