Somali Pres. Mohamed Faarmajo is Accused of Extreme Corruption.

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The Somali Government under the leadership of Mohamed Faarmajo is accused of looting millions of dollars, auctioning off state property, seaports and natural resources. The political establishment is believed to extremely rich with those showing fanatical loyalty, particularly patrons and stalwarts becoming instant millionaires. The nation of approximately 15 million, though its home to arguably the largest undocumented population in the world, has been left with absolutely nothing, angry pundits claim, though FGS is seeking debt relief to remain afloat. Interestingly, the public thinks otherwise in a largely patriarchal community where ordinary civilians waste away in despair.

Scenes of Mega Corruption

  • According to the Somali Auditor General, the FGS is keeping donor funds in offshore accounts with none of the state ministries exhausting previous fiscal year accounts, an indicator of poor performance and economic growth.
  • With a debt burden of $4.6billion which the World Bank is mulling forgiving, FGS is accused of un-procedurally or corruptly spending $18 million from the European Union, Saudi Arabia, and the United Nations. Worse, the money did not pass through treasury at Mogadishu, rather was accessed by President Faarmajo and his Prime Minster Hassan Khaire and subsequently spent unofficially through politicians and cronies cum businessmen.
  • $20 million in cash donated by Turkey was not banked in the FGS Treasury account rather was spent quietly and no evidence of procedures being available. Millions of dollars of donor funding through FGS meant to for the poor has been squandered exposing the vulnerable women and children to extreme poverty and lack of access to basic necessities.


The socioeconomic situation in Somalia remains largely bad. With the country holding the largest population of undocumented people and constantly ravaged by drought every year, economic growth remains poor or nonexistent. The country doesn’t have robust industries and its agriculture sector isn’t commercial yet to facilitate growth and provide food security, and subsequently build the country’s economic pillars. This may take years to achieve.

The security situation in Somalia remains the largest threat to the East and Central Africa. Somalia is home to the Al-Qaeda branch Harakat Shabaab Mujahideen, which like the Taliban remains undeterred in its radical Islamist goals. This makes Somalia a net-importer of jihadists across the region with most of ex-shabaab Mujahideen fighters finding new jihad grounds as far as Mozambique and Democratic Republic of Congo. These security challenges will continue to hamper economic growth and worse provide Faarmajo and his cronies opportunities to continue raping the country’s little resources.

With the bleak outlook on both its security and economy the country is in dire need of strategic leadership. Unfortunately, the current government under Mohamed Faarmajo is as corrupt as the day is long. Apart from seeking political and diplomatic ties and recognition Faarmajo lacks a vision for the restive East African country. The current political upheaval may rip the country apart. The President is focused on upstaging Federal governments in an attempt to coerce them to stick to his expansionist objectives. The country leadership is unaccountable and inept. Donors and the United Nations should pursue financial accountability else all the money meant for the suffering Somali people will continue being pocketed by clansmen and cronies of the political elites.