Somali military court sentences Al-Shabaab operative to 15 years in prison

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Somali military court has sentenced Al-Shabaab operative to 15 years in jail for impersonation and being member of outlawed group.

In a statement on Tuesday, the court said Ali Mohamed Abdullahi was apprehended by security forces back in May in Mogadishu.

The court said during the arrest, Mr. Ali who was in military fatigue had weapons including one AK47 riffle, two hand grenades and magazine gun holder with six magazines.

The prosecutors accused Ali of masquerading as a Government soldier to carry out assassination.

Mr. Ali who joined the group in 2013 reportedly received six months Al-Shabaab training on assassination and battle field tactics.

According to the court statement, he was trained in Al-Shabaab training base identified as Uteyba and was given taught how to assemble and dissemble riffles including AK47, PK machine gun, launching of RPGs.

The statement said the court sentenced Mr. Ali to 15 year in prison after he was found guilty and confessed that he was member Al-Shabaab member.

Three other suspects have been acquitted after they were found of no guilty.

The acquitted suspects are Abdiaziz Idris Sheikh, Abdullahi Subeyr Osman and Abass Idris Sheikh.