Somali Government dispatched interior minister to Gal Mudug region

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A delegation from the federal government of Somalia is expected in Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug state on Tuesday.

Led by Interior Minister, Abdi Mohamed Sabriye, the officials are set to hold talks with regional state leaders including president Ahmed Gelle Haaf and Ahlu Suna leader, Sheikh Shakir.

The discussions will focus on the upcoming state elections in which the federal government and the state administrations are divided on its timetable.

The Federal Government has backed down Galmudug state leaders call to delay the regional presidential elections and wants the polls to be conducted on its stipulated time.

State leader, Gelle Haaf who come to power two years ago after the exit of Abdulkarim Guled has accused the president Farmajo government over interference in his administration.

The Interior Minister and his team are also expected to visit Cadado and Xerale in a bid to resolve tribal disputes that affected the area in the past weeks.