Reshuffle at Somali National Army chain of command

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Significant changes have been made at the Somali national army’s chain of command on Saturday.

Major General Abdi Hassan Mohamed who is close ally of Fahad Yasin and former military attaché to Somali embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was appointed as the new deputy chief of staff.

Admiral Abass Amin will be the new Somali navy force commander.

The new changes will also see former force commander, General Odowa Rage as the new infantry chief deputised by General Abdirashid Abdullahi Shire.

The new changes follow days after similar transformation was made at the Somali police force.

The reorganisation is expected to inject new plans to improve the security in the country especially in the capital, Mogadishu which experienced deadly explosive attacks by the armed group al-Shabaab almost daily for the past one week.