Qatar Fund for Development provides urgent aid to drought- affected people in Somalia

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In light of the problematic drought conditions in the Republic of Somalia, Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), in cooperation with Qatar Charity (QC), sent urgent food aid, to drought- affected people in Somalia.

The aid contained 2,000 tons of food supplies for the benefit of more than 200,000 people affected by the drought in the country in five states.

This urgent aid comes to address the drought and contribute to improving livelihoods, easing the Somali people’s economic burdens, and alleviating food insecurity.
It is worth noting that QFFD, along with Qatar Charity, sent 45 tons of food aid to Somalia to combat drought in March, last year.

This aid comes within the framework of Qatar’s endeavors and its firm commitment to support and stand by brotherly Somali people, meet their necessary needs, and support them to stand up again and rebuild after this disaster.

According to the United Nations, today, 7.8 million people in Somalia suffer from the consequences of drought, of whom 213,000 are at risk of severe famine.