Qatar builds new embassy in Somalia

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Qatar is building a new embassy in Mogadishu, signalling the latest step in the recovery of the Somali capital after years of violent conflict. It is planned to be the second largest embassy in Somalia; the largest is the Turkish Embassy.

The Director of Planning and International Relations at the Ministry of Information in Somalia, Abdirahman Ahmed shared the news on his official Twitter account.

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In 2019, Qatar Fund for Development started to implement a range of development projects in Somalia. The Gulf State donated a fleet of 68 armoured vehicles last year and airlifted victims of an Al-Shabab terrorist attack from Mogadishu to Doha for emergency medical treatment last month.

Qatar has also started to build a new seaport at Hobyo on the Red Sea coast, a potentially strategic investment in an area of East Africa contested fiercely by Gulf rivals.

Qatar Fund for Development explained that these projects are part of the ongoing efforts of the government in Doha to empower developing countries and bring stability and prosperity.