Qatar ‘backing’ Jubaland presidential candidate to overthrow Madobe

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The Government of Qatar is backing a candidate for the Jubaland state’s presidential election, Abdinasir Serar, in order to cause a crisis in the region, according to reliable sources.

Serar, who is a former member of Ras Kamboni group that expelled Al-Shabaab from the region, is alleged to be receiving financial support from the Qatari government through the deputy head of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), Fahad Yasin.

The sources said that the main reason Qatar was funding Serar is to disrupt the Jubaland state elections scheduled to take place this month.

The sources added that the Qatari government is also providing funds to some Kenyan media outlets to spread propaganda about the Jubbaland elections.

This was evident in Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper which published a commentary headlined “Elders, ex-Ras Kamboni leader plot to end Madobe’s hold on Jubbaland,” which was seen as supporting Abdinasir Serar.

Qatar, according to the sources, has maintained relations with Serar, Fahad and the Al-Shabaab militant group, and called the three sides to consolidate their power to disrupt the Jubaland elections.

This is intended at enabling Serar to seize some parts of Kismayo and allowing AMISOM to take control of the strategic southern city.

Qatar, through their relations with the Somali deputy spy chief, Fahad Yasin, has been accused of creating instability in Somalia, by aiding some militant groups in the country.