President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud  arrived Garowe, the capital of Puntland state

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of Somalia, arrived in Garowe, the capital of Puntland state, on Thursday for a visit that will last for three days.

It is believed that cooperation between the Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland state has worsened since the President announced his choice for Prime Minister and the formation of the Cabinet Council; the purpose of the President’s visit will be to improve this cooperation between the two entities.

It was anticipated that Hassan Sheikh’s running mate, the leader of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni, who backed him in the runoff round of the presidential election in May of last year, would be chosen Prime Minister. Despite this, Mohamud appointed Hamza Abdi Barre to the position of Prime Minister. Analysts were under the impression that Mohamud’s action was what inspired Deni to take opposing action.