President Farmajo time to evaluate his time in office on his final year Grade D+

Reading Time: 3 minutesUnlike his predecessors, President Farmajo came in with some level of experience and a significant political capital and public trust to reform and change the country for good but lost most of his capital defending his steps through miscalculation and assumptions:


Do not obey in advance. Most of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In times like these, individuals think ahead about what a more repressive government will want , and then offer themselves without being asked. A citizen who adapts this way is teaching power what it can do. The moment you set an example, the spell of the status quo is broken, and others will follow


  • Handing of a Somali citizen to Ethiopia without a trial or transparency through the courts
  • Letting his Intelligence service be dominated by Al-Shabaab quasi rehabs and the government of Qatar changing security apparatus to an unknown entity
  • Assigning strategic government positions to inexperienced youth with no government experience
  • Replacing the speaker of the house who followed the constitution with a cabinet member of the speaker’s clan and allowing so many cabinet members who hold parliamentarian seats to rig the votes in his favor
  • Assigning to key military and police force positions to youth and inexperienced officers
  • Giving the job of the central bank chairmanship to a novice who worked at the prime minister’s office as an advisor making the bank irrelevant
  • Trying to run over regional federal states by having handpicked candidates as leaders of the region states of their own liking
  • The heavily basing of the national budget only on the resources of Benadir region instead of putting some responsibility on the states
  • Attacking opposition leaders in their homes without proof of wrongdoing or going through the legal path for justice
  • Not addressing national tragedies or national disasters in time to share the pain and loss with the nation and changing the security leadership when they fail.
  • Wasting time on dictatorship states like Eretria or a Feudal state like Qatar
  • Not listening to the advice of experts and regional states on their issues
  • Miscalculating the feelings and pain of the people like the leaders before him
  • Asking the UN representative to leave in hostile extreme environment condition
  • Not changing the knowledge or status of the foreign ministry diplomats overseas and at home
  • Underestimating the political games Kenya armed with a rejected MOU is playing on a coastal dispute with Somalia that has no legal basis
  • Promising election of one man one vote without local elections, registration of citizens and a correct census of each region
  • Giving RFP, Tenders and other contracts to friends and family members without transparency
  • Not giving the public enough information on the status gas and oil exploration and existing contracts and any new ones
  • Not forth coming on debt forgiveness timelines and true accountability of all revenues including foreign aid that is deposited at the central bank which has become the cashier of the Ministry of finance
  • Security roadblocks becomes a fortress and a menace that choke the small traders and businessman to gain their daily living expenses
  • Has not encouraged small businessman and small farmers to increase production of food
  • Keeping the same prime minister for 3 years something unheard of in the Somali political arena
  • Highly connected in social media use both the good and bad sides
  • The registration of government employees and the continuous payment of their salaries, wages for the first two years and allowances through the banking system

We cannot give credit to the return of the Airspace of Somalia, return of prisoners from foreign countries, oil exploration processes because they started in previous administrations of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Still there is time to do more if Farmaajo/ Kheyre government is willing to adapt to less confrontational ways and try to understand what the people want and not what they think is the best for them to return second term.

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1 2 days
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4 2 minutes
2 7 seconds