President Farmajo pays tributes to Ethiopia – Cuba ‘fallen gallants’ during the Somalia-Ethiopia war

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Somalia president Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo and the vice president of Cuba Salvador Valdes commemorate Ethiopia’s fallen hero’s day, alongside Ethiopia premier Abiy Ahmed as the country honors’ heroes week and celebrates the soldier who died in the line of duty during the Ogaden War.

Cuban government and its Ethiopian counterpart were celebrating the 41 anniversary of Ethiopia – Ogaden war. An anniversary of the joint victory in the Ogaden Region, in attendance of Somalia president Mohamed Farmaajo and his delegation. The two leaders paid homage to the two countries fallen heroes.

In 1977 Somalia government in support of freedom fighters from the Ogaden region  led a military offensive against Ethiopia over the Somali region of Ogaden. The Somali military invasion led to the seizure of most part of Ethiopia occupied territory.

The Soviet Union denounced the Somalia invasion and halted military support to Somalia and instead declared their allegiance to the Ethiopia government. The Cuba government an ally of the Soviet Union contributed more than 16,000 military contingents to Ethiopia to repel the Somali military that were advancing towards Jigjiga and took over the control of 60% of Ogaden protectorate.

This was a setback to the Somali supported military  which forced them to retreat back from the captured territory. Later the Ethiopian soldiers repulsed the Somali military from the region in support of the Cuban military.

Visiting Somalia president planted trees inside Ethiopia’s Defense ministry in honor of Ethiopia – Cuba war victory against Somalia over the occupied Ogaden land.

Somalia President and his high-powered delegation jetted back from Saudi Arabia where they attended the Arab leader’s emergency summit convened by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The president was received by prime-minister Abiye Ahmed at Bole international airport and driven to army headquarters to participate the 41 anniversary of Ethiopia-Somalia war alongside Cuba vice president besides paying tribute to Ethiopia soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

The recent activity of Somalia president opens a Pandora Box of Somalia independency and has been condemned by different Somalia political factions who alleged the action of the president as treason. One Somali Observer wrote in his twitter feed “While & were celebrating the defeat of ‘s 1977 war, Clueless was in Addis celebrating with them by planting trees with PM of in front of on the dignity of . OMG”