President Farmaajo rejects Nairobi venue for Somalia Somaliland talks

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The Somali government has declined to participate in Consensus Building Meeting scheduled in Nairobi. The meeting which was supposed to opened today was to be held for delegation s from Somalia and Somaliland.


In a statement, Villa Somalia Chief of Staff Dr. Nur Dirie Hersi  has confirmed that Somalia will not attend the meeting.

Dr. Nur said Somalia will only participate the meeting between Somaliland and Somalia only after the sides agree on agenda and the venue.

“Somali govt representatives will not participate in the expected Consensus Building Meeting in Nairobi,” he said, “However, we would like to confirm that the govt is committed to engage in constructive dialogue with Somaliland when a suitable venue, agenda, and participants are agreed,” said Nur.

Meanwhile, Somaliland has expressed concern over Somalia’s remarks regarding to the participation of the Nairobi meeting.

‘Somaliland considers it a matter of great regret, that the FGS has not taken the opportunity to continue our dialogue and this speaks to the chaos and lack of commitment to genuine dialogue which categorizes Villa Somalia’s approach to peaceful cooperation with Somaliland,” reads a statement by Somaliland ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The Center for Human Dialogue would host the consensus building meeting to review facilitation efforts between Somaliland and Somalia and highlight key success and failures to date.

For Somalia, participants include President Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo’s Chief of Staff Dr. Nur Dirie and his assistant Mr. Abdisatar Gelle.

Among the delegates expected to attend the meeting are the UK, the EU, USAID, IGAD and the Swedish Special Envoy as well as the Turkish Envoy.