PM Khaire and his finance minister bribes members of the Finance Committee

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As the issue of mismanagement by the Ministry of finance heats up, MOL is getting credible information that some Members of the Finance committee are being bribed by the office of the Prime Minister and each member is paid $10,000 dollars to say they were not consulted with when the report was written. Therefore, they will deliver a signed letter which was drafted by the office of the PM

The following Members are confirmed to have been paid by the office of the Prime Minister
1. Mohamed Somali
2. MP Dubees
3. MP Ali Hosh
4. MP Abdi Hukun
5. MP Mohamoud Siraji
6. MP Sahra Abdulkadir

These corrupted MPs are 6 out of the 8 MPs who are paid to state that they were not part of the report. However, these MPs did not utter a word since the Finance oversight committee shared its report with the House.

International Community as well as International Financial Institutions including world bank and IMF must investigate and meet with all the members of the parliamentary oversight Committee on Finance and planning