PM Hamsa travel to Hiiraan to shore up cooperation with Mogadishu

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Somali Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, made his first domestic trip to Beledweyne, the capital of the Hiiraan region, on Thursday to observe the drought situation and ongoing security operations against Al-Shabaab in the area.

Minister of Defense of Somalia Abukhadir Mohamed Nor, Army Chief, Brigadier General Odowaa Yusuf Rageh, and lawmakers have recently been in Hiiraan to encourage government forces and anti-al Shabaab militia who are jointly conducting operations against the militant insurgency.

newsinsdeHamza Abdi Barre will hold various meetings with Hirshabeelle leaders, traditional elders and the community to discuss drought response and security.

Residents reported that the security forces had beefed up the security in Beledweyne to contain any threats.

On Tuesday, the Somali government dispatched four planes carrying food aid to the Beledweyne and Bulaburte districts of the Hiiraan region to respond to the drought. Bula Burte is one of the districts most affected by the current severe drought in Somalia. In addition, the district has been under siege from Al-Shabaab for almost ten years.