Parliamentary Budget Committee investigations expose the corruption of the government of Farmaajo

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January 2018 to August revealed the corruption of the government of President Mohammad Abdullah Farmajo, which lasted all sectors of the state.

He did not exclude the corruption of the government of Farmajo al-Ikhwanism, which ravages all state institutions, even vital sectors, which are affected by a red line in all countries of the world. The Emergency Fund for the Prevention of Disasters and Epidemics will flood the lives of millions of Somalis.


foreign travel, travel allowances, events, repayment of individual debts and renovations of hotel and hotel bills to the Farmajo.

Not only was the corruption of the emergency fund threatening the lives of the Somalis undermined by the government’s breach of donor funds from its brothers and friends, as well as the disappearance of $ 20 million donated by Saudi Arabia to the government Somali in 2017, but did not appear in the financial budgets for 2017- 2018. salaries of military and civilian personnel and members of the Ninth Parliament.

The Commission accused the misuse of public funds in the administration of the province of Banadir, which raised $ 16.5 million in its account for missing funds of $ 5.972 million withdrawn for personal use.

funds are channeled to private accounts maintained by the Ministry of Finance.  And threatens the corruption of Farmaajo, revealed by the parliamentary committee’s investigations regarding the budget 2017-2018, the next year’s budget leave 2018, after the demand of Somali parties, notably the party and the management of delaying discussion of the new budget in parliament until the disclosure of irregularities last year.

In a statement read by Al-Ain Al-Akhbar, the Wadijir Party of the Somali Parliament urged that the financial budget for 2019 not be passed until there are more clear reports of the 2017-2018 financial statements.

“It is regrettable that small offices are sacrificed, although corruption is clearly at the heart of the government,” it said.

The party called on the public prosecutor and the chief prosecutor of the country to crack down on corruption, otherwise the independence and integrity of their offices would be questioned.

Source: Al-Ain