Members of the Somalia Parliament in St. Paul to thank Books for Africa for donations

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Three members of the Somalia Parliament are slated to visit the Books For Africa warehouse Thursday in St. Paul and thank the nonprofit’s leaders for sending more than 1.1 million books to the East African country over the past 35 years.

The Somali representatives also plan to discuss ways to deliver additional books to students. The goal is to end book famine in Africa and arm students with education, in an effort to end the cycle of poverty.

Last year, Books For Africa shipped 3.2 million books, valued at more than $26.7 million, and 355 computers and e-readers containing at least 1 million digital books, to 27 African countries. The organization raised more than $2.3 million to ship the books to students in Africa.

Since 1988, when it was founded by retired businessman and philanthropist Tom Warth, Books for Africa has sent more than 58 million books to all 55 countries in Africa. The nonprofit is the largest distributor of donated text and library books to the African continent.

It also supplies computers, e-readers and educational materials to schools, libraries, universities and nonprofit organizations in Africa. To donate books or funds, go to

By Star Tribune