Looming Famine Crisis in Somalia

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We should ask why Somalia needs aid? One city pays Somalia’s entire debt service of 13 something million USD each month, 150m paid by Australia is about 11.5 months of the debt service which Somalia can default since the debt itself was recieved by unscrupulous officials who looted it. Somalia should default the debt and use the money for the looming Famine crisis.
On the other hand it’s policy failure by the part of successive governments and current president will double down the blame on him.
To those who are not familiar Somali geography, the country has the longest coastline (3333 kM) in Africa with rich fish resources, if the government send four fishing trawlers to sea, each can catch about 250 tons of fish per day, so they can produce 1000 tons of fish per day, the number of people who are at risk of hunger are estimated about 6.7 million, you do the maths, you have 1 x 10^9 and distribute for the 6.7 million who are at risk, ask yourself did we solve the famine just like that? Of course there are many other tools to use to alleviate the problem including but not limited to dealing effectively with the security issues, introducing smart farming, establishing strong legal institutions that can deal the endemic corruption, prioritising scarce resourcing in order of urgency, drilling more water wells to reduce the effect of droughts, educating people who are affected these cyclical famine problems and create sustainable development involved by all stakeholders. Unless, drastic policy change happens, sadly this Somali suffering will continue, I would like professionals, politicians, academicians to forego their partisan tendencies and embrace the common good to stamp out this insecurity, hunger and all other ills that Somalia had suffered decades.

Nur M Ibrahim.
[email protected]