Japan will provide 14 million dollars for the export of Ukrainian wheat to Somalia

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The Japanese government will provide $14 million in emergency grant aid to provide food support to Somalia.

This is reported by the press service of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine on Facebook.

Financial assistance will be directed by the Japanese government to the transfer of wheat provided by Ukraine through the UN World Food Program to Somalia and the subsequent distribution of grain among the local population.

“Japan, in close cooperation with all interested parties, continues to help countries in which the food crisis is worsening, caused by the rise in prices, particularly for wheat, as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Such assistance in various regions of Africa is also very important from the point of view of the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Space”. Japan will continue activities aimed at developing and improving the humanitarian situation in these countries, including solving issues of peace and stability through, in particular, anti-terrorist measures, as well as overcoming the food crisis,” the embassy noted.