Islamist fighters tide with Iran take over key town in central Somalia

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Sources are reporting that fighters from the Somali  Islamist group, Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, have taken full control of the airport of the central town of Dusamareb, blocking flights to and from the airport.

The airport was previously under the control of a joint force drawn from the Somali army and Ahlu Sunnah fighters.

Other reports indicate that the fighters have taken full control of Dusamareb and Guri’el towns

Reports say that the group that took over the Dusamareb airport did not want armed soldiers who do not take orders from its commanders to operate in the town.

Fighters from the group, who were recently integrated into the national army, are said to have been deployed to the airport.

This ensures that Ahlu Sunnah has complete control of the official capital of the Galmudug regional state.

The government had recently nationalized hundreds of Ahlu Sunnah fighters following an agreement between the group and the Somali federal government.

However, reports indicate that the Ahlu Sunnah administration has in the recent past resisted the deployment of more troops in the region by the federal government, fearing that the extra troops may take over full control of the state.

Meanwhile, members of the Galmudug reconciliation committee, formed to bring together the various clans in the central Somali regional state to form a new administration, have toured the towns of Guri’el, Balanballe and Abud Waq, where they met community leaders.

The Somali leaders and International partners that support Somalia have praised the cooperation and commended the efforts of the government