How Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is on course to mend setbacks by predecessor on foreign relations.

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True to his popular campaign slogan “A Somalia at peace with itself (in agreement) and with its neighbours -(the world) Somalia’s President  Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has already demonstrated his bid to bring a national unity and mend diplomatic errors by the administration that preceeded him which many accused of mixing local politics with foreign relations.

The reign of President Farmaajo was punctuated by acts of diplomatic catastrophe.

President Sheikh Mohamud is clearly taking decisive steps to remedy the Said damages in the international diplomatic relationships.

For every country, at the nerve Centre of foreign policy is the national interest and the economic interest of its citizens.

In his inauguration speech, President Hassan it was clear the president was going to restore the strategic and historic relations Somalia had with its neighbours and the Arab world.

The presidents first official overseas trip to UAE (at the invitation of the president of UAE H.E Mohamed Bin Zayed) which is a strategic partner to the Somali people in terms of economic development programs is clearly a matter of national interest and manifestation of his readiness to shape Somalia’s position in the international arena.

Both Somalia and UAE  nations are Arab league members and have historically engaged in close development cooperation.

This relationship even dates back to decades. After the start of the civil war in Somalia in 1991, the UAE still maintained diplomatic relations with the Somali Transitional National Government and its successor the Transitional Federal Government, and supported their government initiatives and towards the road to recovery from civil war.

Its important the president has swiftly moved to mend such historical diplomatic relationships.

On 18th May 2022, three days after his re-election and in affirmation of his popular slogan

Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has engaged local leaders to build a united front in service to the nation. The meeting with his opponents in the presidential election was a key testament to this development.

The attendance of his inauguration by Somalia’s neighbours which had frostic diplomatic relations with Somalia in the reign of Farmaajo is an indication of a new chapter in Somalia’s diplomatic world.

Both Djibouti and Kenya, which had low moments of diplomatic relations in the last four years were present in the inauguration and expressed support for the new government.

Somalia citizens are the beneficiaries of trade and economic relations that are the fruits of peaceful foreign relations.

Analyst say Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud comes to the reaction of huge expectations from both his people and neighbouring countries, seeing him as an old hand to improve ties and solve some of the region’s pressing problems.

After his re-election for instance, neighbouring country Kenya,which had diplomatic tiff and a period of soar relation during his predecessor time, President Uhuru Kenyatta sent a quick congratulatory message and “wished the new Somalia Head of State good health and success as he takes over the reins of leadership, and assured him of Kenya’s continued cooperation and comradeship,” according to statement from statehouse Kenya.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is seen as more conciliatory , and a sign that his re-election might come as  handy of learning from his past experience therefore expected to build more diplomatic ties to work for better.

Also on his tray to win local support is his campaign to build better relationships of his administration for the federal state which some had frosty back and forth wranglers with administration of Farmaajo.

Lately there has been Smear campaign by critics to discredit his efforts to build better diplomatic relationships. Such critic which is baseless given that its coming very early and not backed by any wrong doing in a given policy that are yet to be implemented.

When he went to visit UAE, sensentional propaganda was spread that President Hassan is on a secret mission to Israel.

The Smear campaign and sensational claims to counter his diplomatic assignments are only meant to discredit his efforts in bad faith.

Even as we wait for the goodies the Somalia Nation will benefit in his mission to mend ways even with Djibouti and Kenya and other neighbors and the world, it’s clear that President Hassan is a diplomatic leader who takes careful steps not destroy but to take cautious steps to ensure sobriety prevail.