Hidden Figures: Supporting Somali Women for Peace

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Somali women are powerful and capable leaders in preventing and resolving conflicts but often encounter more obstacles than men. Conflict Dynamics empowers women to reach their full peacebuilding potential by increasing their ability to shape dialogues and address issues important to them. Join us to evolve strong networks of women working for peace at the local and national levels, including helping them address gender-related aspects of conflict that contribute to larger disputes and wars.


Many Somali women leaders are well equipped to participate in conflict resolution, but are often sidelined from formal procedures. Women’s roles in the peace processes often do not consider gender-specific needs and challenges, including the cultural stigma of sensitive topics and risks women face in (post)conflict areas. Without female perspectives on issues such as clan conflict, land disputes, and gender violence, women will not receive a fair solution to conflicts in their own communities.


We will train local women to mentor their peers in mediation, communication, dispute resolution, and trauma healing to increase women’s ability to impact issues that directly affect them. We will engage both male and female peace workers in gender sensitivity training to raise awareness about these issues and their wider implications for peacebuilding. Informative workshops and discussions at the community level will enable inclusive involvement in peace at local, regional, and national levels.

Long-Term Impact

Conflict Dynamics’ work will propel women to be even more effective peacebuilders, mentors, and role models, actively working together to create solutions for peace which represent the greater needs of their communities. Experience in local dispute resolution will lead to more inclusive participation and sensitivity to issues affecting women at all levels of peace making. Strong conflict resolution mechanisms at the community level will foster abilities and enthusiasm in future generations.