Guernsey donates more than £80,000 to help people from natural disasters and famine

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Guernsey has donated more than £80,000 to help people suffering overseas from natural disasters and famine.

£50,000 of the money is going to the British Red Cross in Somalia where it will target famine relief.

The country is suffering its worst drought in 40 years and also experiencing food shortages due to the global rise in prices.

The Red Cross says around 30% of residents need humanitarian help – the money donated by Guernsey will provide targeted help by supplying nutritional supplements, ready-to-use food sachets, and kitchen sets.

The remainder of the donated money, more than £30,000, will go to Plan International UK which is helping victims of floods and landslides in Haiti.

Torrential rain in June led to the deaths of 58 people and injured 143 in the country.

Almost 45,000 households were impacted, 3,000 of those were significantly damaged or destroyed.

Guernsey’s donation will fund hygiene and menstrual health kits, educational materials, and go towards establishing child protection facilities.