Full-fledged military dictatorship is around the corner in Ethiopia

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has created a “Republican Guard” to protect himself, his team and their families Ethiopian television Amharic news reported yesterday.

The elite commando force has been training for the past six months in Ethiopia and abroad the EBC news report said.

It is ironic while majority Ethiopians are in danger because of ethnic conflict and tremors of civil war are heard throughout Ethiopia, the prime minister decided to spend millions of dollars to establish an elite “Republican Guard” for personal protection. It is astounding the same prime minister who was preaching love and harmony less than six months ago couldn’t go to visit an elementary school without 24 heavily armed commando guards now.

The Ethiopian people have quickly realized the so called change is not for their benefit, but to destroy what has been achieved in the past 25 years with their blood.

Abiy Ahmed now is in the final stages of preparing to become a full-fledged military dictator in Ethiopia.