Extrajudicial killings by NISA: The case of Jama Yabarow Addow killed 2017

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The Case of Jama. Jamac Yabarow Caddow is Abgaal/ Hartiabgaal Sub clan and his mother’s name is Halima Hussein Ahmed as per the detention note indicates, Jama was happily married with six kids and worked at a shop in Lafoole area, Jama was 34 years old. Jama was arrested by NISA while in his shop on a Saturday June 10, 2017, and was taken to the notorious and now closed down Godka Jilicow jail. Jama was alleged to have been working with Al-Shabab and was particularly accused of working with Shaaciye, the head of Al-Shabab road mine explosive unit in lower Shabeele. Shaaciye is also alleged to have been responsible for road mine explosions targeting AMISOM and Somali security forces travelling along the Afgoi- Mogadishu road.


[su_quote]Extrajudicial killings by NISA: The current police chief of Banadir Sadaq John and current police officer and former Al-Shabab pirate Farhaan Qaroole are responsible for the death of many innocent Somalis[/su_quote]

Jama was interrogated for five hours but the interrogators couldn’t get any information that suggests he was working for Al-Shabab. The NISA interrogators briefed Sadaq John who was then the head of NISA of Banadir Region. Sadaq John who also holds a British nationality was not convinced with the interrogator’s briefing note and ordered a new round of interrogation, meaning he should be tortured to retrieve information that he was Al-Shaba. He also asked his close friend Farhaan Qaroole and a former defector of Al-Shabab who was then the head of a NISA civilian unit known as AC to get information from Jama.

During night time Jama was taken to the sea blindfolded and was first beaten after his interrogators failed to retrieve any information, Jama was forced down to the seawater for more than five minutes and succumbed to his death. After realizing that he died, Farhan Qaroole immediately called Sadaq John and Farhan was told to keep the body in the car while he plans a strategy.  During the same night it was agreed that the body be taken to Lafoole area in a remote stash house NISA uses  and then they shot in the air for about 10 minutes to make the exchange of gunfire look like a real fight between Shabab and NISA, and they also fired many shots at the dead body of Jama.

The note entered in Jama’s file, and shared confidentially with MOL reads that Jama was collaborating with NISA and has agreed to meet with Shaaciye, and that while NISA and Jama were waiting for Shaaciye Al-Shabab waged an attack and Jama died in the exchange of fire. And when people in Lafoole and Jama’s family protested, this concocted and falsified narrative is what they were told. Jama Was killed by Sadaq John and Farhaan Qaroole and there are other cases similar to Jama’s case that Muqdishu online will publish soon.