Ethiopia is deteriorating and the Ethiopian government is losing control

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The Ethiopian prime minister is very impulsive and speaks without thinking and most of his actions are to serve his popularity not the Ethiopian people.

The security and political situation in Ethiopia has gone from bad to worst in the past six months. The current Ethiopian government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed couldn’t even control the capital city Addis Ababa.

The regime in Addis Ababa has a million things on its plate many of them its own making. The Ethiopian prime minister is very impulsive and speaks without thinking and most of his actions are to serve him and his group not the country or the Ethiopian population.

All the Ethiopian regional states are in turmoil mostly because the central government is weak and doesn’t have any control in the security situation of the country. In Somali, Oromia, and Amhara regional states there is active military conflict going on.

The federal police supported by local police are battling demonstrators in Somalis state after the illegal removal of the state leadership in. Recently Ethiopia’s blood lines the Djibouti-Ethiopia train track and highways were completely blocked by demonstrators. The same is happening in Afar regional state where the Abiy government tried to pressure the leaders of that state to work with him, but it backfired.

Disagreement between the OLF and the federal government escalated to military confrontation and the federal army was sent to deal with rebels in Oromia regional state. Reports indicated many civilians and armed combatants were killed in the conflict. Although Aba Geda elders tried to mediate between the sides the situation is still tense.

The only regional state where the Abiy government was enjoying great support was the Amhara regional state, however his support in the state is dwindling because the support was not genuine. Most of the Amhara politicians, those who were part of the EPRDF or those Dergi riff raffs Abiy brought from abroad had an ulterior motive for supporting him. Their support was to attack the TPLF and the Tigrai people and then to control the government. Now some Amhara activists are openly criticizing Abiy Ahmed for not invading Tigrai state because they think TPLF and the people of Tigrai are the biggest obstacles they have because they are furiously protecting the Ethiopian federal system.

Abiy Ahmed and those shepherding him are still betting on weakening Tigrai state and strengthening Amhara regional state, therefore they are doing everything possible to prop the falling Gedu administration. On top of that Abiy is trying to appease Amhara extremists by destroying many of the federal institutions. As the world is witnessing the conflict between the regional state of Amhara and the Qemant people is worsening.

Ethiopia now is the number one country for having the largest internally displaced people. International organizations estimated there are over three million internally displaced people in Ethiopia.

The illegal establishment of the Border and Identity Commission is one of the biggest assault on the Ethiopian constitution to date. The main reason for establishing the commission to redraw the border between the regional state or completely eliminate the state system and this will bring the Abiy government in direct confrontation with the Tigrai state. Should he be crazy enough to go forward and push this colossal mistake on Tigrai, it would be the end of the federation and the country called Ethiopia. That would be the time where the people and government of Tigrai say enough is enough and go on their own.

The best thing to do for naïve accidental Ethiopian prime minister is to peacefully resign from his post surrender the country to the military before he does further damage to the Ethiopian people and his family. If he does not remove himself from power, I am afraid his fate wouldn’t be different than Gaddafi of Libya.  Abiy Ahmed is Hanging by a thread! All of should work to give the final push out of Ethiopia.