Elders of South-West State calls for IC and other leaders to intervene in SW crisis

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Press Release: The elders of southwest communities had initiated negotiation with the Federal Somali Government and SWS Government with good heart and good intension in order to solve the dilemma of the aftermath of SWS Presidential election that resulted the unprovoked attack of our community.

Following the negotiation process started on 19th January 2019, led by Federal Parliament Speaker Mr. Mohamed Mursal with a condition to the release of Sheikh Muktar Roobow who was kidnapped by AMISOM Sector 3 troops (ENDF) forces on 13th December 2018.

Following the Federal speaker, the SWS state president also promised that he will be working towards reconciliation for the dilemma of the aftermath of SWS election starting the release of Sheikh Muktar Roobow Ali and full compensation of the victims of this dilemma relentlessly.

After four month of indefinite detention of Sheikh Muktar Roobow without independent court verdict and none compliance of all agreed initiatives including International Community from the Federal Somalia Government, the elders of this community had initiated second wave of peaceful diplomacy to secure the release of Sheikh Muktar Roobow and find solution for the past incidents of the aftermath of SWS presidential elections meeting all stakeholders including Somali President Mr. Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmaajo, Federal Parliament Speaker, Federal Prime Minister and SWS State President in several times without concrete result unfortunately.

The traditional elders of this community had learned that the Federal Somali president Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has a persistent anger and hate towards the communities in SWS state and currently mobilizing clan groups in our community as to start civil war in our state rather than seeking proper reconciliation process for the underlying problem caused by his unprovoked actions.

The elders of this community had also accused that the Federal Somali president Mr. Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmaajo is not a credible leader who lives with his words, it is unfortunate that Somalia has a president who lies his way throughout every efforts and action and has no regard the rule of law, our constitution and the International human right and humanitarian laws.

The evidential elements of his action start the destruction of the legislation body of this country (the Somali Parliament), the enact ion of self-appointed General auditor rather (independent), the none representation of SWS communities at the current Garowe meeting which leaves our community with none participation of the political development for the future of our country to mention few.




The elders of this community therefore declare that the peace negotiation between the Federal Government and SWS state communities has failed due to lack of compliance, unwillingness and divisive approach of the Federal President of Somalia Mr. Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmaajo and we gave up the whole negotiation efforts on our side, in that reason, the elders declared the following action points as to resolve the existing political crisis in the country.

  1. The elders will continue seeking peaceful solution towards this matter.
  2. The elders will not allow the division of SWS state communities.
  3. The elders call all Federal Members MPs from SWS state to abandon the Federal

    Government of Somalia and come back to SWS state for immediate consultation meeting

    for next actions about the crisis over Muktar Roobow kidnapping.

  4. The elders call all SWS community leaders to participate immediate consultation meeting

    in Baidoa for future decisions.

  5. The elders call the International community and other leaders to intervene this issue

    immediately before it reaches to violence.