Director of Intelligence linked to failure of pre-election stalemate talks in Somalia

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A Federal MP in Somalia has accused spy boss Fahad Yasin of being an impediment to the pre-election talks pitting the country’s opposition and senior government officials, a move that has further delayed unitary talks between the two entities.

Mahad Salad said Mr. Fahad Yasin, a close ally of outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and who also heads the National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] is behind the collapse of talks between Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and opposition candidates.

For weeks now, Roble has been working hard to find a common solution to the current stalemate, but his efforts last week seemed to have failed after Farmajo planned another conference at Villa Somalia, which after all did not materialize.

The MP asked Fahad Yasin to “keep off” from active politics, adding that “civil servants should learn to be neutral on matters governance”. He said the country cannot move forward if “his meddling habits are not tamed in time for the sake of stability”.

The opposition had planned a rally on Saturday but it did not take place after it accused the government of reneging on an initial agreement that would have seen security forces provide security for protestors. Roble has been working hard to deliver an election.

Mohamed Moalimuu, a spokesperson in the office of the Prime Minister, said a conference between leaders drawn from the federal government and federal states will be held soon to finalize the pre-election deal which was signed in September 2020.

“Hoping soon the upcoming summit btw the leaders of the FGS and FMS to be held in Mogadishu to finalize the 17 September 2020 Agreement, H.E Mohamed Roble wishes to resume talks with Presidential Candidates both in general and in person, to reach an agreement and go to elections soon,” he noted.

The political leadership in the country is under growing pressure to reach a consensus, with the international community warning about partial and parallel elections in the country. Somalia was first set to go to elections in December last year.