Detectives arrest key suspects in Kamukunji woman’s kidnapping

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Detectives have arrested a man and his lover who are suspected to be the masterminds behind the kidnapping and torture of Kamukunji-based businesswoman Hafsa Mohamed Luqman.

According to the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI), undercover teams from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, with the help of their counterparts from the Special Service Unit, seized Jackson Njogu, 24 and Hafsa Abdi, 21, as they slept at Crystal View Lodge in Kinangop, Nyandarua County on Sunday morning.

Following her kidnapping, Ms Luqman was held by her abductors in a house in Kayole, a stone’s throw away from a police station, for nearly a week.

Operating a bar

On Sunday, the DCI said that the two suspects managed to siphon Sh650,000 from the victim’s bank accounts while she was in captivity. The two suspects then escaped to Kinangop and started operating a bar, according to detectives.

Ms Luqman, who was kidnapped on June 15, was later found by detectives while being held in a dingy room in Matopeni, Kayole.

The DCI said that the two kidnappers had demanded a Sh5 million ransom in order to free the woman but when the money was not delivered, they fled “from our detectives who were closing in on them”.

“This morning was not their lucky day though. They were smoked out of room number 8 at Crystal View Lodge where they had imagined that our hawk-eyed detectives would never find them,” tweeted the DCI on Sunday Morning.

According to detectives, she was forced to stay inside an empty water tank during her time in captivity.

Family sources told the Nation that on the day of the abduction, one of the suspects, Ms Abdi, had left Kamukunji in the evening in the company of Ms Luqman, heading to Kayole to inspect a new business joint they were planning to invest in.

Attacked from behind

However, Ms Luqman was attacked from behind while observing her evening prayers (Maghrib). She was blindfolded and her mouth stuffed to prevent her from screaming for help.

Speaking at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital after her rescue, Ms Luqman narrated how she slipped a note through a space on a metallic window.

“I feared for my life and had to come up with an idea (to save myself). There were children playing outside the room I was held captive in. I wrote a note on my whereabouts and begged the children who then took it to police officers. That’s how I was found,” said Ms Luqman.

Her father, Mohamed Luqman, accused her friend, Ms Abdi of masterminding the kidnapping of his daughter, saying it was all about business rivalry.