[Deg Deg] Qaramada Midoobay oo Cunaqabateyn saareysa Farmaajo & Mursal

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War murtiyeed ka soo baxay Qaramada Midoobay iyo Beesha Caalamka ayaa lagu sheegay sida aay uga xun yihiin qaraarkii maanta ka soo baxay BJFS taasoo muddo kororsi loogu sameeyay Madaxweynaha Muddo xileedkiisa Dhammaaday iyo xubnaha Xildhibaanada ee BJFS.

War Murtiyeedka ayaa lagu sheegay in Beesha Caalamka aay hoos u dhigeyso xiriirka aay la leedahay Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya isla markaana aay la noqoneyso aqoonsiga la siiyay Dowladda Federaalka, qoraalka ayaa sidoo kale lagu sheegay in Cunaqabateyn la saari doono dhammaan intii ka shaqeysay Muddo kororsiga.

Muddo kororsiga ayaa laga cabsi qabaa in uu Soomaaliya u horseedo dagaal sokeeye taasoo masuuliyadda ugu weyn aay ku dhaceyso Madaxweynaha Muddo xileedkiisa Dhammaaday Maxamed Cabdullaah Farmaajo

Halka hoose ka akhriso War Murtiyeedka oo ku qoran luuqada Ingiriiska

For immediate release
Mogadishu, 12th April 2021

All Somalia International partners are greatly alarmed by introduction today in the House of the People of a bill proposing to replace the 17 September agreement with an electoral process that would result in a lengthy extension to the mandates of the President and Parliament. This measure will weaken the legitimacy of national institutions and prove deeply divisive to the country.

As partners, we have repeatedly stated that we will not support a parallel political process, partial elections, or new initiatives leading to an extension of prior mandates. The bill will pose serious obstacles to dialogue and further undermine peace, security, and stability in Somalia and beyond. Such a bill will also further delay holding of credible elections awaited by the Somali people.

Based on the current development, international  partners will re-evaluate their bilateral relations with Somalia, to include reducing engagement and assistance, and in some cases considering measures such as withdrawal of recognition of the Federal Government of Somalia and targeted individual sanctions and travel bans for those leaders impeding progress.

We are convinced that implementation of the 17 September agreement remains the best available course of action and so urge Federal Government and Federal Member State leaders to return urgently to talks to agree a way forward. We call on all parties to exercise maximum restraint, continue dialogue, and avoid unilateral actions that may inflame tensions.

International partners stand ready to provide good offices to facilitate and revitalize inclusive dialogue on the basis of the 17 September agreement.
From Swan – Special Envoy