Breaking news: Mukhtar Robow compound will be raided, Kill or captured order issued

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The acting director of NISA Fahad Yasin had issued orders and planned to conduct an attack on the premises of Muktar Robow between 12-13 of this month MOL reports.

The attack will be carried out by the troops that were deployed in Baidoa few days ago. He had giving two orders according sources close to the troops:

1. Carrying out a direct attack and raid Mukhtar Robow’s residence in Baidao or

2. Killing innocent people then accusing Muktar been the perpetrator of the killings to justify the attack.

It’s worth to note that the planned attack will be facilitated by two individuals, The internal security minister of Southwest Hassan Hussein Mohamed Aka Elay and Mahad who is the regional police head, both of them were summoned to Mogadishu to get the last briefing.

This comes a day after the MPs from Southwest state and the speaker of the federal government of Somalia had voiced their dissatisfaction with the way the federal government is meddling with the upcoming election in Baidoa.