Bomb Blast in Garissa County

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Its reported that a massive roadside bomb struck a military convoy carrying Kenyan troops while traveling near the city of Garissa in the occupied NFD region.

The blast occurred as the convoy was traveling on the road between the villages of Sedax Goosa and Amuuna, which sit on the outskirts of Garissa. The armed Militant group Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the bombing in a statement published online. The militant group went further as to claim the Kenyan Military convoy bursted into flames as a result of the impact from the bomb blast.

The Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) have yet to comment on the latest attack in the region. The militant group Al Shabaab have been waging a Guerrilla war in the occupied Somali territory of NFD for the past several years. Tit for tat skirmishes, ambushes and IED attacks have become a norm in the region.