Betty Kyallo’s new lover is somali, not mzungu or Arab as suspected by fans

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Betty has been sharing photos of the man who seemed like caucasian. has learnt the man is not a mzungu but somali. Information about Betty’s man was released by one of her media friendsmade many men and women jealous when she introduced her new man to the world. While she did not share the man’s face, she kept on posting photos showing his yellow hands, side face and other parts.

With her hints, many people specifically her fans concluded or rather believed she was dating a mzungu. However, recently bumped into information that will most definitely burst Betty Kyallo fan’s bubbles. The TV girl’s new lover is not dating a caucasian man but a man of somali descent. This was made public by one of her media friends in a long Facebook post seen by

In the post, the friend urged Betty to stop spreading lies and claiming her ex-hubby Okari has not been a responsible dad to their daughter Ivanna,

The friend went ahead to state that Betty should not downlook other people now that her new somali man is by her side.

”Okari only came to work when he could and our boss understood for all those months. To deliberately paint him as irresponsible is immoral my friend. You don’t have to correct the impression you have created because the Somali guy is by your side but at-least be honest. We were friends before and one day we shall be friends again. Even though the relationship did not work Ivanna remains part of us and we thank God she is okay.” the friend revealed.

These, he said while defending Betty’s ex-hubby Okari whom the lass had painted in bad light. Betty recently came out to reveal the struggles she has been through with her ailing daughter. In her statement, she narrated how she suffered alone, with the help of her family members during her daughter’s admission at hospital and left out the role Okari played.

This, seems to have angered some of Okari’s friends including the one who publicly slammed her, revealing details of her new man while at it. Betty moved on to the next one with her somali man after breaking up with one of Kenya’s governors. The lass had gotten into a relationship with the governor immediately after her divorce.