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Cabdifatax Ibrahim (Ronaldo)

Muqdisho Online main headquarter is in Mogadishu, Somalia, but the office remains anonymous, because of constant threats against its staff.

Trust deficit keeps Somalia’s leaders at loggerheads

Somalia faces a political crisis because its leaders have been unable to hold elections after President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed’s term of office expired in...

Hirshabelle accuses FGS of blocking donor funds for floods in Somalia

The Hirshabelle state, which has close links to Villa Somalia, has now accused operatives in Mogadishu of allegedly blocking donor funds meant for flood...

End Somalia-Kenya spat

The latest escalation of the row between Kenya and Somalia is not in their best interests. Just days after the restoration of diplomatic ties...

A rigged election in Somalia could open the door to civil war

The May 1 vote by Somalia’s caretaker lower house of parliament to scrap the illegal extension of Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed’s presidential term and back...

John Mahama: Former President Rejected by Somalia as AU Envoy

Former president, John Mahama, has been rejected as a UN envoy to Somalia - He was appointed by the AU to help resolve political...
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